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Political Analysis Paper Topics

Politics is a special sphere of human activity that involves rational planning, motives and principles. A political analysis paper is about a specific political process or an event and includes the description of the causes, factors, and results of its analysis.

Some examples of political science research topics could include: The Republic by Plato-A detailed analysis. Eastern vs. Western political ideologies.

Global Politics

Global politics involves examining the interplay between peoples and societies. This field of study draws on anthropology, history and sociology to examine the global issues that shape our world today. Its researchers seek to answer questions like: Can humans live together in peace? Is international relations a form of morality? Will States ever delegate enough sovereignty to international organizations, breaking with Hobbes’ principle that power does not pass beyond the borders of a state?

Political scientists also seek to understand how governments make decisions. Essay topics in this area may examine the effects of different government structures or analyze the ideas and theories that influence policymaking. For example, you might write about the differences between presidential systems and parliamentary systems or compare living conditions in squatter settlements and Brazilian favelas. You could also discuss the ideologies that influence a country’s politics such as liberalism, conservatism and feminism. This branch of politics also examines environmental concerns.

American Politics

Politics is the study of governments, political institutions and political behavior. It includes a broad range of topics, such as the effects of globalization on political systems, or the role of religious ideology in politics. It can also explore the differences between different political systems, such as liberal vs. conservative ideologies.

A political analysis paper may also examine a particular period in American history, such as the development of civil rights or the impact of railroads on modern America. It can also analyze the ways in which political ideas and institutions evolve over time.

Students may choose to explore a particular political theory, such as Plato’s notion of justice or Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s concept of the balance of power. They could also write about the influence of existentialism on Western philosophy, or the influence of Machiavelli’s position on war and violence. Other possibilities include exploring the relationship between capitalism and democracy, or examining the political implications of climate change.

Political Campaigns

Political analysis focuses on assigning reasons to political processes, events and outcomes. It can be applied to both the internal politics of a country (for example, its political structure or party system) and its foreign policy (relations with certain countries or international institutions).

Unlike a political essay, a political analysis paper should not manifest personal opinions and attitudes. Therefore, you must research the topic using high-quality sources.

Various data collection methods are used in different subfields, such as statistical techniques, comparative case studies, rational choice analysis, sociological methods and close readings/textual analyses. You can ask your professor about the methodologies most typical in a particular field. For a more sophisticated approach, you can use the free online Overleaf writing and publishing tool to create your work. This allows you to easily comply with the journal’s formatting guidelines. It also provides a bibliography that automatically updates, making it easier for readers to find and credit your work.

Political Parties

Despite concerns of founding fathers regarding divisive political factions, political parties have become an integral part of the American political landscape. Explore how political parties have evolved over time, as well as their impact on the future.

Researching is a vital step in writing a successful political analysis essay. Start with general scholarly works such as encyclopedias and textbooks, then move on to more focused books on your specific topic. Avoid quoting too often and choose your sources carefully. The most reputable academic journals are the best sources for your paper.

Letters are short reports of original research that moves the field forward. They can include empirical findings, methodological advances and theoretical arguments. Accepted Letters will be published in the same format as Research Articles, and will be searchable and citable just like all articles in Political Analysis. To submit a Letter, please visit the ScholarOne Manuscripts submission site here. If you are a member of EPSA or APSA, you can log in here to submit. If you are not a member, you can still access the journal and can get information about joining here.

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